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WPF – BrushConverter HTML (Hexadecimal) colors

Assigning HTML like colors (i.e. #318D38) in WPF application directly in XAML is very easy and smooth. For example code: <Setter Property=”Background” Value=”#318D38″ /> works pretty well. It is worse to assign HTML color in C# code…. Solutions like: panel.Background = “#318D38″; or panel.Background = (Brush)”#318D38”; does not work…. Solution… Read more »


      No Comments on SnippetCompiler

SnippetCompiler is another useful tool for C# developers. Is quite similar to FastSharp. Both allow you to write and compile sample code very quickly. SnippetCompiler has IntelliSense support (missing in Fast Sharp), that gives benefits. Unfortunately, last version is from year 2008… supports .NET up to 3.5…. There are always pros… Read more »