Mobilization – mobile development conference in Lodz, Poland

Last Saturday I have attended my first conference in autumn 2012. I have registered for it on dedicated website ( The website could look bit more professional. Mix of Polish/English, fonts. Anyway, I was able to find all important informations.
I have arrived ad the conference place at 8:30 AM and noticed quite long queue at the registration desk. To my surprise the registration process went pretty was and I was been given conference T-Shirt. All stuff members were dressed like soldiers, session rooms were called: barracks, fortress, etc. Even on my T-Shirt there was a big tank. Nice! Then the sessions started…

There were 4 tracks. No pre-registration, so I have to be careful and get a seat before the room is fully packed. Sessions level was average. Almost all of them were conducted in Polish (even if in agenda it was announced “English”). Unfortunately lot of them have somehow advertised products. I hate sessions where speaker has his point of view and is not open to see other perspectives.

Meals. In general meals were average quality. The lunch was a typical military Pea soup and I have to admit it tested good.

The gifts drafted at the final session were really nice. Kindle, SSD Drive, Web camera, many books etc. That was really impressive! Good job soldiers!


  • free ticket
  • time (saturday)
  • military stuff
  • gamification contest
  • gifts from sponsors


  • sponsored sessions
  • way of choosing who won gifts
  • website
  • meals

To summarize I think it could be better, but still it was not that bad. 3/5

The next conference I will attend is in Krakow, Poland.

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