.NET Dev PL website project – Skype meeting #1

Last Wednesday we had our first meeting in regarding .NET Dev PL website project. It was 1,5 hour Skype discussion. I think it went pretty well. We learned little bit about other team members. It turned out that some of us are experts in front-end technologies, others in SharePoint or in DevOps. I’m happy that the team is mix of various point of views.

After brief self introductions we started long discussion about the project form, technologies, coding styles and everything around developing a working solution. It’s truly amazing how my original image of the project was affected by others ideas. It was really great experience.

We ended up with following technologies (for now):

  • Nancy
  • Ninject
  • TwitterBootstrap
  • NLog
  • Angular.js
  • Simple.Data – mongo, sqlite3
  • NSubstitute
  • nUnit/xUnit

We also plan to have code reviews and do some pair programming.

Here are my thoughts about organizing online meetings.

I think it is good routine to send an agenda to all participants some hours, maybe a day, before the meeting. Everybody will know what will be discussed during the meeting and have a possibility to change the agenda.

it’s handy to have a shared screen, in case if somebody needs to show something to the others.

Remember to take minutes from the meeting. In the past I used to rely barely on my brain, but if someone mentioned once a useful information it was hard for me to remember that later. This time HackPad did a great job 😉

As the primary output from the meeting we agreed to make some experiments in Nancy on our own and take another meeting next week. Looking forward to it!

More to come?

I believe that the project will develop and we all will benefit from it. Most probably I will blog about it 😉

Online meeting rules (perhaps to be updated)

  1. Send agenda before meeting
  2. Set a time frame for the meeting
  3. Take minutes for the meeting
  4. Use a shared screen – if needed
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