Notes from meetings – my approach


Write down everything from the meeting πŸ™‚

Day after meeting we remember 20% from it

That’s a statement from some research. If you don’t practice, don’t train you muscles or brain to perform particular actions, it will forget how to remember.
Recently I was involved in several different projects. They were not related each other. I had huge problems with remembering everything I should remember….

Paper notes to the rescue!

On some point I decided to take notes of key things I though I would need later. I used A4/A5 paper sheets and pen/pencil. While discussing I’ve spend little time to write down short sentences, keywords, web addresses etc. If you don’t know what to write down – write everything you can.

Every note has a header with title and date. Some of the notes have also page numbers. Usually I don’t try to compress as much text as possible on single piece of paper. I like rather to have some extra space free just in case later I would have to add more to that particular context.

Depending on the meeting some notes have one page and some ten πŸ™‚

Writing without looking

One thing that would help me a lot is ability to write without. For the moment I have to take a quick break to write down something. Sometimes I need extra time to jump back to meeting πŸ™‚ It is quite inconvenient and annoying. I guess I’ll master writing without looking with more and more practice.

Sections in paper notes

I have mentioned that already above, but I’ll elaborate it bit more.

What I mean by section is usually rectangular area with some text and some free space. Section is something like context.

Taking notes has to be fast. Fast mean with bigger probability to introduce errors. That’s why I like to leave some empty space in section. To rewrite something or to add. Additionally sometimes during conversation we are coming back to the topic we’ve already discusses. Then I just jump back to particular section. If section is becoming bigger I like to add a header to it.

After meeting

So meeting is done. Things are discussed, maybe agreed πŸ™‚ It’s time to take actions with paper notes!

I usually take every section one by one. Handle it (read below), cross it out and when all sections are handled throw away the paper note.

When it comes to notes/sections handling It deserves separate blog post. In short I do one of following:

  • Do the action in note (like visit a webpage or send email)
  • Move note to Evernote/Trello
  • Move note to weekly TODO list

One more thing worth mentioning here is tagging. When I have to handle a multi pages note I tag similar sections with color markers. This helps me to do batch work after. I focus on one tag πŸ™‚

Good pen

Advice: always have a handy pen. One that you like to write with. That fits your fingers. Of course wear second as a backup.


In short summary I think that taking notes and handling them improved my daily work. I don’t have to remember tons of information and be worries if I forgot something. I think it’s a habit right now πŸ™‚

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