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Xamarin call JS from C# and vice-versa

In one of the project in GEMOTIAL we work on an Angular app that will work on mobile devices.

WROC# and BoilingFrogs Conferences

Last week I have attended 2 conferences in Wroclaw. First, there was WROC# and the day after BoilingFrogs.

MVP Summit 2019 Summary

Last week I have attended the Microsoft MVP Summit event in Redmond, WA. I was there for the second time and don't regret any moment :)

Changing the hosting provider - engineer notes

Last week I was involved in moving software solutions from one server farm to another.

From Chaos To SOLID course on Udemy

Jump to my From CHAOS To SOLID on Udemy platform.

From Chaos To SOLID workshop at EY

Last Saturday I had another 'From chaos to SOLID' workshop for C# developers. We meet in EY office in Wroclaw. This time workshop was done under brand.