BizTalk ESB Tracing

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As some of you may know I work with BizTalk. I’m involved in integation project where ESB Toolkit will be used soon. I’m researching various scenarios at the moment.

There is alot of documentation about ESB Toolkit on MSDN sites. The problem is that usually the basic scenarios are well documented. All the rest is like connecting the dots in fog 🙂

I had several issues with debugging itineraries. Fortunately it is possible to have some tracing there.

ESB Tracing

Here are the steps how to turn on tracking of BizTalk events.

As the first step we need to turn on tracing in

BTSNTSVC.exe.config (32bit or 64bit!)



Simpy add following section:

Remember that BizTalk service has to be restarted after the change is made

Next (and the last) is to download Debug View tool. The only thing after strating Debug View is to enable “Global Win32” capturing. This can be done in menu “Capture” => “Capture Global Win32”.

When we are done with that we can test out itinerary and BizTalk ESB will write tracing information straight to DebugView window. Like below.

This tool can capture information like:

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