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HTSMP – People

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Problem with the people Almost every software product is built by humans. A small amount is generated. Humans are the most unpredictable factor – we are like that by definition. To build a maintainable product we should isolate unpredictability as much as possible. That includes people too. There is a… Read more »

Testing approach in large integration systems

Current state of art Maintaining large software systems is hard. Such systems are usually complex by nature. On diagrams they look nice – couple figures exchanging messages each other. The devil is in details – as always. Microservices add extra complexity. We moved from monoliths to farms of services. Now… Read more »

OperationResult pattern

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Communication between layers/modules/subsystems works best when API is simple and self explanatory. Pieter Hintjens wrote a great article about API design. For today\’s article we will focus on point 9: Keep it Simple to Use Introduction This post is an extension of following post I found worth sharing my… Read more »

Client-Server API

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I will be shipping new iphone game soon. It is 2 players, turn-based strategy game. Client-server architecture. More information soon 😉 One question that came to my mind recently was: “How to handle app updates ?!”. Right now I use simple REST with http links like: “/move, /setup, etc…”. Potential… Read more »