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BizTalk ESB Tracing

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As some of you may know I work with BizTalk. I’m involved in integation project where ESB Toolkit will be used soon. I’m researching various scenarios at the moment. There is alot of documentation about ESB Toolkit on MSDN sites. The problem is that usually the basic scenarios are well… Read more »

Difference between System.Exception and “General Exception” in BizTalk

BizTalk orchestration\’s exception system In BizTalk orchestration we can catch 2 different types of exceptions: – System Exception – deriving from System.Exception – General Exception – not deriving from System.Exception System.Exception and \”General Exception\” As a C# software engineer you know that all system and custom exceptions have to inherit… Read more »

BizTalk – how to create message on orchestration programically

Since 2 years I have the opportunity to work with BizTalk. This post is one of \”BizTalk series\”. I\’ll keep posting interesting tricks that are easy to do, but not so easy to find on internet. Today I\’ll show you how to create a message inside BizTalk orchestration. There are… Read more »