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Dictionary and HashTable in C#

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.NET Framework provides several data structures for constant O(1) access. In software engineering we call them lookup tables. In .NET we can list following lookup-tables (at least): HashTable Dictionary ConcurrentDictionary HybridDictionary Sample code Code samples are taken from MSDN documentation and adjusted to better explain the context. HashTable Dictionary As… Read more »

Func vs Expression

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This is another post about C# basics 🙂 Our code sample is like following: What we have here is Func ‘f’ and Expression ‘e1’ initialized with same value (x, y) => (x + y) * 2 Lines 21,22 and 23 will all print the same output: 6. So what is… Read more »

Throwing exception in C#

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In C# there are 3 of ways to throw an exception. throw throw ex throw new Exception(“message”, innerException) Our sample: I will make changes in line 30 (purple box) and catch exception in parent method in simple try{} catch(Exceptiop e){} block. Method throwing actual exception is called ThrowExceptionMethod() and is… Read more »

OperationResult pattern

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Communication between layers/modules/subsystems works best when API is simple and self explanatory. Pieter Hintjens wrote a great article about API design. For today\’s article we will focus on point 9: Keep it Simple to Use Introduction This post is an extension of following post I found worth sharing my… Read more »

BizTalk – how to create message on orchestration programically

Since 2 years I have the opportunity to work with BizTalk. This post is one of \”BizTalk series\”. I\’ll keep posting interesting tricks that are easy to do, but not so easy to find on internet. Today I\’ll show you how to create a message inside BizTalk orchestration. There are… Read more »