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Geek Week Wro #4

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Intro GeekWeekWro will take place also this year! For those who don’t know what is GeekWeekWro (GWW) let me explain it quickly. GWW is an event happening during a couple of days in Wroclaw (spoiler: this time 2 weeks). During that time local IT-related groups have their meetups in various… Read more »

Seven Personality Types of Software Developer – revisited

Seven Personality Types of Software Developer – version 1.2 I had the opportunity to give the presentation Seven Personality Types of Software Developer twice so far. The presentation is based on my previous post. First of all, the session was surprisingly very interesting for developers. Despite its soft nature I… Read more »

HTSMP – People

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This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series Problem with the people Almost every software product is built by humans. A small amount is generated. Humans are the most unpredictable factor – we are like that by definition. To build a maintainable product we should isolate… Read more »

BoilingFrogs 2017

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Last Saturday I’ve attended Boiling Frogs conference in Wroclaw. BoilingFrogs is software craftsmanship conference organized in Wroclaw. In central Europe it on of the best conference focused on best programming practices. Other good conferences (focused on software craftsmanship) are BuildStuff, Craft Conf and DevDay. It was my first attempt to… Read more »