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MD Files And Why I Moved From WP

My blog always used Wordpress as the blog engine. I remember version 2.6. That was long time ago. During recent years the engine was actively developed by the community. Currently there is version 4.7.

Thinking In Park?

Why there are parks in the cities? Why did city architects decide to keep those green islands?

What Is The Tech Stack For Me

Recently one of my colleagues asked the following question on Twitter:

How To Recover After Exhausting Development

I've been programming for over a decade. During that time I went through several pretty difficult scenarios in my programming assignments. I want to share some thoughts in this post.

Seven Dev Personality Types survey summary

A few weeks back I've created a survey for developers. The idea was to test my 7 dev types and potentially uncover something new.

HTSMP - Documentation - bring identity for code puzzles

This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series