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HTSMP Documentation – bring identity for code puzzles

This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series Documentation is one of the most overlooked asset in a software project. We tend to assume that working software is our finish line. We don’t need any software documentation to run our business….. until something breaks or somebody… Read more »


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For last few weeks I have been learning docker. The start with new technologies was, as usual, easy for the basics and fairly difficult for the more advanced stuff. On some stage I found KataCoda. The service motto is: Learn new technologies using real environments right in your browser. KataCoda… Read more »

Conference types

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As IT community grows every year it is natural that supporting events like conferences, user group or hackathons will appear more often. Developers are attracted with free food and drinks, top speakers or new devices to test. What to choose? At some point there are so many events that they… Read more »