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For last few weeks I have been learning docker. The start with new technologies was, as usual, easy for the basics and fairly difficult for the more advanced stuff. On some stage I found KataCoda. The service motto is: Learn new technologies using real environments right in your browser. KataCoda… Read more »

HTSMP – Tooling

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This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series Tools are a substantial part of building software. Wisely chosen help to reduce development time. The product quality improves as well. Nowadays software is so complex, that it is impossible to build something from scratch. Teams need to… Read more »

NDepend VSTS Extension

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NDepend was recently released as VSTS Extension. Before that it was available as separate application. It was (and still is) to run it as task on CI server (eg. TeamCity) NDepend VSTS Extension can be installed from After installation new option is available in menu The only thing to… Read more »

dotPeek – Free .NET decompile from JetBrains is now available in EAP

Today I’ve received an email from JetBrains with short information saying that an alternative to ReflectorPro is available! Since Reflector since version 7 will be not free any more I was looking here and there for some alternatives… Few weeks ago I’ve been looking at ILSpy, but it doesn’t fit… Read more »


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SnippetCompiler is another useful tool for C# developers. Is quite similar to FastSharp. Both allow you to write and compile sample code very quickly. SnippetCompiler has IntelliSense support (missing in Fast Sharp), that gives benefits. Unfortunately, last version is from year 2008… supports .NET up to 3.5…. There are always pros… Read more »