My Goals for 2013 and retrospective of Goals for 2012

Published on 18 December 2012

New year is coming. As usual, in this moment it time I set goals for upcoming year. Having my goals written down keeps me motivated and focused on reaching them.

My goals for 2012 were:

  • Drop on weight to 82 kg (from 94kg)
  • Eat less sugar
  • Once per week read "good code"
  • Real at least 15 books (various gender)

How did it go? Well I'm fairly satisfied with meeting my goals. The only one I did not meet was dropping weight... The rest was fairly simple. I'm proud, that I could accomplish scheduled for year timeframe!. I have experienced many times, that long term goals were forgotten as soon as you focus on short term goals...

Besides that I have also:

  • Passed MS beta exams regarding Win8 programming. (one exam failed)
  • Pushed forward my company (TBA :) )
  • Taken part in IT conferences (blog posts are here:"DevDay 2012" and "Mobilization")
  • Joined .NET community in Wroclaw -> WrocNet
  • Taken many courses online (coursera, udaticy, etc.)

So it looks like I did much this year :)

Anyway. Goals for 2013 will be bit more difficult, at least in my opinion. Below is the newest list:

  • Raise company!
  • Practice german skills
  • Spend more time with family
  • Drop weight! (Déjà vu !?!?!?)
  • Give a session on .NET group or somewhere else.

There are also tasks that I want to continue to do, like reading books or skip sugar from my diet.

I encourage all of you to write down you goals and share them over the Internet!