My SVN/GIT ignore files pattern

Published on 13 December 2012

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For all who are looking for good ignore pattern. I use follow one:

*.o *.lo .la ## .*.rej .rej .~ ~ .# .DS_Store thumbs.db Thumbs.db *.bak *.class *.exe *.dll *.mine *.obj *.ncb *.lib *.log *.LOG *.idb *.pdb *.ilk .msi .res *.pch *.suo *.exp ~. cvs CVS .CVS .cvs [Rr]elease [Dd]ebug [Ii]gnore [Bb]in [Oo]bj *.csproj.user *.user _ReSharper.* *.resharper.user *.pyc
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