.NET Developers Poland FB group - the beginning

Published on 22 June 2014

How did it happen that .NET Developers Poland group was successfully created on Facebook?

Over the last several years I was observing how software engineering communities evolve and grow around the world. People join communities to be stronger, to share knowledge, to search for solutions to their problems or just for fun. At this point, I missed perhaps 100 other reasons, but there is always a purpose. Often the need is to stick with new technologies and similar people. They need a place for that, a habitat...

I'm an observer. One output of my observation is .NET Developers Poland group. A place for polish .NET developers where we can share global and local information. Conferences to be held in Poland, local .NET groups meetings and all kind of other useful stuff. This place helps also young adepts of our art to raise and shine. All you need is just your personal commitment to be a software engineer. We can only help you grow.