BuildStuff 2015 LT conference in Vilnius

Published on 25 November 2015

BuildStuff 2015 LT is over. This conference is another prove that event made be developers and for the developers is a perfect fit. No suits, business cards exchange and other corporate bullshit. Just raw meat :)

I'll not describe each session here. The organizers will publish videos any time soon, so go and watch. One thing I've to admit here is that several times I had difficulties to choose which session to addend because there were scheduled at the same time! So I'm waiting for videos too :)

I'll briefly list sessions I've attended. I've divided them into two lists. General - topics about the tech industry. Math, physics, NASA, psychology, software evolution. Something that had an overall influence on our geek's identity. Technical - focused on details. Tiny pieces that make your software fly.


  • Uncle Bob / Robert Martin @unclebobmartin - The Last Programming Language
  • Mel Conway @conways_law - Coding vs. the Brain: Can't We All Just Get Along?
  • Brian Troutwine @bltroutwine - Getting Uphill on a Candle: Crushed Spines, Detached Retinas and One Small Step
  • Pieter Hintjens @hintjens - Ten Rules for API Design
  • Mark Rendle @markrendle - Programming For The Criminally Insane


  • Rob Ashton @robashton - The Shape an Erlang Application
  • Ian Cooper @ICooper - Service Discovery and Clustering for .NET developers
  • Robert Virding @rvirding - Implementing Languages in Erlang
  • Randy Shoup @randyshoup - Service Architectures at Scale: Lessons from Google and eBay
  • Chris Condron @CLCondron - Unsafe at any Speed - Successful high-performance low latency systems in C#
  • Kristjan Korjus @kristjankorjus - Artificial Intelligence that plays Atari video games: How did DeepMind do it?
  • Russell Miles @russmiles - Lies, Damn Lies and Consulting Lies - The Path to World Domination through Microservices
  • Chris Condron @CLCondron - Teaching my Team CQRS
  • Pawel Sawicz @sawiczpawel - Mutate your code and reveal you true test coverage

In addition, there were some sessions totally off, but I'll not go into details here...

Each evening there was free beer and snacks sponsored by the organizer and one of the consultant company. It was a good time to socialize. It turned out that there was quite a big audience of polish developers. I met like 10-15 new people from Warszawa, Gdansk, Poznan, Szczecin, Rzeszow and Olsztyn. At least those I remember :)

What I missed was a panel discussion conducted for example by Mark Rendle where the participants could ask various questions to the speakers. Also 'last words' at the end of the conference would be appreciated.

In summary, I think, that it was a very good event. Absorbing extra knowledge from different areas, not strictly related to C#/.NET. Meeting new people. Exchanging ideas and confronting points of views. Excellent!

Thank you Neringa and Greg for doing it.