Local IT communities - the snowball effect

Published on 22 February 2016

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Meet with the best or die like the rest!

I like to meet people, discuss things related to programming, new technologies, ideas and so on. I was living in several cities and always wanted to stick to people sharing the same interests. After moving to Wrocław a few years ago I immediately joined WrocNET. At the moment I'm one of the organizers and looking forward to the next meeting :)

We use Meetup to organize meetings. Meetup actually opened a Pandora's box for me...

Snowball effect

Meetup provides a very interesting possibility to check what is organized in your neighbourhood. Recently I have attended following events: Atlassian User Group, wroc.py and WrocNET. I attending 3 next meetings this week!

It looks like Meetup started a snowball effect because all the time new events pop up :)

I encourage all of you to leave save zones (aka caves) and meet other developers in real life.

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