Ways to create BizTalk messages

Published on 21 January 2017

For novice BizTalk developers such simple task like creating messages in BizTalk orchestration may become cumbersome. This is what I've learned so far :)

Please remember that messages are immutable in BizTalk.

Ways to create message in BizTalk

  • BizTalk maps. Used when you have source message and you want to transform it to a different type. This is done inside pipelines.

  • Assignment in Biztalk Expression Editor
    Message_2(*) = Message_1(*);
  • XPath query in BizTalk Expression Editor
    Message_2.Address = xpath(Message_1,"/*[local-name()='CustomerAddress']");
  • Create XmlDocument in BizTalk Expression Editor
    xmlMessage = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
    Message_2 = xmlMessage
  • Using C# helper class in BizTalk Expression Editor

First create classes with XSD.exe (xsd.exe /classes /namespace:MyNamespace schema.xsd). Then create a helper class and invoke it inside BizTalk Expression Editor

    Message_2 = helper.CreateMessage_2();