SOLID as OOP abstraction

Main goal of this session is to explain in details core aspects of SOLID principles. Code samples are in C# , but SOLID principles are language agnostic and should be applied by any software engineer regardless used programming language.

SOLID for Adults

The goal of the session is to show the history, theory and practice of the SOLID principles in business and technical context of created software system.
Examples will be presented in C# language, but SOLID principles can and should be applied by every software engineer regardless of the used programming language.

Code Crime Scene

Goal of the session is to show ways of identifying badly written code in long term perspective. As an example a OSS e-commerce platform was examined and the results will be discussed during session. I will also show waht we, as developers, should pay attention while doing out daily programming routines. Both programmers and other team members will be able to identify commited code crimes 🙂

Software Quality for Programmers

I will show what is and how software quality should be understood by developers. I will answer why software quality is important and how to ensure enought quality for our project. Few code samples will be provides in .NET/C# language, but session deliver an universal message.

Technical Roadmap

Thoughts about business and IT alignment

Software Maintenance

Presentation about what testers should consider and demand from developers while focusing on maintainable software, pain-less updates and bug-free software