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HTSMP - Automation

This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series

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Test Message Explained

In one of my previous posts I briefly described the concept of test message. Today I wanted to explain it in more details. The need of having production system operational is self-explanatory. It is the highest priority in all businesses - be able to operate. Without any doubts regarding software quality. Users need to trust the system.

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TeamCity and W3C Validator

As you may know I'm a big fan of automation. I like to have things done in background and just receive notification if something happens. This saves time and allows me to forget about yet another thing to check situation.

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Tiny git repositories automation to save 5 minutes daily

I'm a big fun of automation. I would even say 'what can be automated, can be forgotten' and you can focus in important things. This post happen to be next in new series called "Automation". The series came out somehow, I didn't plan it. It just seem that there are things I would like to share :)

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Automate everything!

We all suffer from having not enough time. Time to do this or that. I did some research on where is my time spent. My daily (and simplified) activities that could be automated look like following:

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