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BizTalk Health Monitor Tool

BizTalk as an enterprise platform has a lot of modules, components, adapters and other extensions. After developing solutions in BizTalk and maintaining it for a longer period the need for a maintenance tool is becoming important.

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BizTalk ESB Tracing

As some of you may know I work with BizTalk. I'm involved in an integration project where ESB Toolkit will be used soon. I'm researching various scenarios at the moment.

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Ways to create BizTalk messages

For novice BizTalk developers such simple task like creating messages in BizTalk orchestration may become cumbersome. This is what I've learned so far :)

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How to begin journey with BizTalk

Quite while ago I had the opportunity to start a project using BizTalk. In one sentence BizTalk is a stable integration platform providing message persistence, mappings, orchestrations and tooling. It's of course not everything :) It has it's pros and cons, but today I will share my thoughts on how to start with BizTalk. All information are based on my own experience developing BizTalk solutions for last 2 years.

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Difference between System.Exception and "General Exception" in BizTalk

In BizTalk orchestration we can catch 2 different types of exceptions:

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BizTalk - how to create message on orchestration programically

Since 2 years I have the opportunity to work with BizTalk. This post is one of "BizTalk series". I'll keep posting interesting tricks that are easy to do, but not so easy to find on internet.

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