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Seven Dev Personality Types survey summary

A few weeks back I've created a survey for developers. The idea was to test my 7 dev types and potentially uncover something new.

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Seven Personality Types of Software Developer - revisited

I had the opportunity to give the presentation Seven Personality Types of Software Developer twice so far. The presentation is based on my previous post. First of all, the session was surprisingly very interesting for developers. Despite its soft nature, I have received a lot of feedback from the audience during and after the session. The whole idea of categorizing developers by their personality type seems to be hot.

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Celebrity Type

A while ago I wrote a post about [7 mental types of software developer]. Now it is time to the first adjustment. It turned out that "Code nazi" and "SOLID junkie" are pretty similar. Junkie was merged in to "Code nazi".

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Seven Personality Types of Software Developer

In every group of individuals, we can recognize a pattern. Observing and grouping people can give us more understanding of how teams are formed, how they work etc...

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