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AI/ML in Microsoft 2019

For over last couple of years Microsoft has invested a lot of time and effort into artificial intelligence/machine learning ecosystem. Currently the result can be considered as the first choice platform for enterprise solutions. In this article, I will present the key Microsoft AI/ML solutions available for developers currently.

Xamarin call JS from C# and vice-versa

In one of the project in GEMOTIAL we work on an Angular app that will work on mobile devices.

WROC# and BoilingFrogs Conferences

Last week I have attended 2 conferences in Wroclaw. First, there was WROC# and the day after BoilingFrogs.

MVP Summit 2019 Summary

Last week I have attended the Microsoft MVP Summit event in Redmond, WA. I was there for the second time and don't regret any moment :)

Changing the hosting provider - engineer notes

Last week I was involved in moving software solutions from one server farm to another.

From Chaos To SOLID course on Udemy

This posts describes my online course available From chaos to SOLID.