.NET Dev PL website project - Skype meeting

Last Wednesday we had our first meeting in regarding .NET Dev PL website project. It was 1,5 hour Skype discussion. I think it went pretty well. We learned a little bit about other team members. It turned out that some of us are experts in front-end technologies, others in SharePoint or in DevOps. I'm happy that the team is a mix of various point of views.

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.NET Developers Poland - rules

After a brief description in my previous post why .NET Developers Poland group was created now it is time to share some rules that every group member should respect.

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.NET Developers Poland FB group - the beginning

Over the last several years I was observing how software engineering communities evolve and grow around the world. People join communities to be stronger, to share knowledge, to search for solutions to their problems or just for fun. At this point, I missed perhaps 100 other reasons, but there is always a purpose. Often the need is to stick with new technologies and similar people. They need a place for that, a habitat...

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