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HTSMP - Documentation - bring identity for code puzzles

This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series

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NDepend VSTS Extension

NDepend was recently released as VSTS Extension. Before that it was available as separate application. It was (and still is) to run it as task on CI server (eg. TeamCity)

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Technical debt types

Technical debt in software development is considered as implementing quick and dirty solutions in order to satisfy user (or deliver a sprint - Sic!). Those solutions should be paid-off in the future.

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CodeWatch 1.0 released

Few days ago I decided to release my CodeWatch library. It's the first version to show the concept.

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SOLID for Adults session at WDI 2016

On Wednesday I've attended Warsaw IT Days (Warszawskie Dni Informatyki in polish). This time as a speaker :). It took me one year to jump back on stage :). I was giving a talk called "SOLID for Adults" as a part of DevTalk - Deep Dive track.

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Logging in application

Logging information on how our application behaves is very often omitted or not properly handled by developers. We don't know what and when to log. We don't have a logging strategy. In this post, I' share my thoughts on this topic. Let's start with what hurt us when it comes to logging information from our projects.

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