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Debugging WPF Bindings

WPF + MVVM is a very common way to make windows apps. It introduces the concept of data binding. We create a view-model based on one or many models and bind it to the view. Usually, it is easy... But how do you debug bindings if something is not going right? For example, you have Control Templates and styles and so on introduced in your app.

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Showing IDataErrorInfo for NULL objects

WPF provides, fairly easy to implement, possibility to validate entered data and notify user when something is incorrect. An example is available in MSDN, so I will skip further explanation how does this work...

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WPF - How to show ToolTip when control is disabled

By default tooltip is hidden when control is disabled. There is simple way to enable it. Code below show how to do that:

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WPF - BrushConverter HTML (Hexadecimal) colors

Assigning HTML like colors (i.e. #318D38) in WPF application directly in XAML is very easy and smooth. For example code:

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WPF TextBlock StringFormat

This post is not a hot news, but it may help somebody ;)

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