Difference between System.Exception and “General Exception” in BizTalk

BizTalk orchestration’s exception system In BizTalk orchestration we can catch 2 different types of exceptions: – System Exception – deriving from System.Exception – General Exception – not deriving from System.Exception System.Exception and “General Exception” As a C# software engineer you know that all system and custom exceptions have to inherit… Read more »

Autofac, DataContext and MemoryCache issue

Prolog In one of my web application I use MemoryCache to improve performance. The code looks like this: public class CurrencyRepository(DbContext context) { private DbContext context; public CurrencyRepository(DbContext context) { this.context = context; } public List<Currency> GetList() { /* read data from context*/ { } public class CurrencyService(ICurrencyRepository repo) {… Read more »