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How to track and fix IIS .NET appliacation StackOverflowException

.NET StackOverflowException is a special type of exception. Starting with .NET 2.0 you can't catch this kind of exception with a try/catch block. Usually, it is a result of recursive method calls. Your program is out of free memory, and any clean-up does not make sense. Every time the .NET program has started, an instance of StackOverflowException is created "just in case". This way framework can throw it (and terminate itself immediately) even if there is no free memory.

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When Pair Programming Works

Pair Programming (PP) is one of the XP practices. Many modern software development companies use it in daily activities. On the other side in many places PP is treated as a waste of resources because the same result could be achieved with half of the effort. Software developers also have mixed feelings about this methodology, including me.

My Inspirational Giants

To get motivated I need inspiration. Studying about and having The Giants close to me is helpful. This post is about the inspiration I get from them.

Broken Agile

I was a true believer in Agile methodology. I was... Now I think Agile, in the current form, does more harm to the project than waterfall did in the past. Let me explain you why.

Starting programming when you are +30 years old

So you want to change your career :) IT is maybe more lucrative than other industries or just gives more fun! Here are some tips for people want change themselves into programmers.