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My Inspirational Giants

To get motivated I need inspiration. Studying about and having The Giants close to me is helpful. This post is about the inspiration I get from them.

Broken Agile

I was a true believer in Agile methodology. I was... Now I think Agile, in the current form, does more harm to the project than waterfall did in the past. Let me explain you why.

Starting programming when you are +30 years old

So you want to change your career :) IT is maybe more lucrative than other industries or just gives more fun! Here are some tips for people want change themselves into programmers.

Time Management Framework

Time - probably the only resource on the planed that we can get back. We have to choose what we spend our time on, with whom and on what.

AI/ML in Microsoft 2019

For over last couple of years Microsoft has invested a lot of time and effort into artificial intelligence/machine learning ecosystem. Currently the result can be considered as the first choice platform for enterprise solutions. In this article, I will present the key Microsoft AI/ML solutions available for developers currently.

Xamarin call JS from C# and vice-versa

In one of the project in GEMOTIAL we work on an Angular app that will work on mobile devices.