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AssemblyVersion in .NET Core

In .NET Core the way you specify AssemblyInfo attributes has changed. .NET Core allows you to specify assembly attributes in .csproj. You can do that by adding following properties:

Jenkins and Parametrized Branch Names

In one of the projects we work at Gemotial it was pretty cumbersome to test feature branches locally. The changes very often could have an impact on MSSQL or Oracle backend. We thought it would be great if we cloud run the changes on our integration tests configuration in Jenkins. Then, use the tests results (a link to it) in merge-request description. That way we could ensure that new functionality does not break the software.

NET Developer Days 2018 Conference

I had the opportunity to attend .NET Developer Days conference also this year. The event was organized in the same place as in previous years - EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Polish capitol looks nice in the autumn, so foreign conference participants had a good opportunity to have some sightseeing too.

MD Files And Why I Moved From WP

My blog always used Wordpress as the blog engine. I remember version 2.6. That was long time ago. During recent years the engine was actively developed by the community. Currently there is version 4.7.

Thinking In Park?

Why there are parks in the cities? Why did city architects decide to keep those green islands?

What Is The Tech Stack For Me

Recently one of my colleagues asked the following question on Twitter: