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Automate everything!

Posted on:October 13, 2016 at 02:00 AM

What we do with work time?

We all suffer from having not enough time. Time to do this or that. I did some research on where is my time spent. My daily (and simplified) activities that could be automated look like following:

I’ve spent time on running unit tests locally, triggering and checking builds on Continuous Integration server (yeah, it was so “continuous”) and finally deploying the whole large solution manually to multiple servers… It was quite much time wasted.

But that’s are habits and GTD!

Stephen Covey advocates would say: “Make it your habit. It will become a part of your daily activities.” Yes, sure… habits…

David Allen advocates would explain: “This is a very good task. Make notes, notes and more notes…” and end up in notes ocean :) GTD Thank you!

Stephen’s and David’s frameworks work for me in different problem sets.


What I like to do instead is automate and forget of its existence . This is how I want my daily work look like:

What have I automated

It is repeatable and automatic. I have to invest some time up front in order to save more time in the future.

Automate everything (ok, almost everything:) )