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BoilingFrogs 2017

Posted on:February 28, 2017 at 01:00 AM

Last Saturday I’ve attended Boiling Frogs conference in Wroclaw.

BoilingFrogs is software craftsmanship conference organized in Wroclaw. In central Europe it on of the best conference focused on best programming practices. Other good conferences (focused on software craftsmanship) are BuildStuff, Craft Conf and DevDay.

It was my first attempt to join BoilingFrogs. Shame on me because I live in Wroclaw… Where was I last year ?!

As usual, I will not describe each session I’ve attended. I think nobody will read that. I will just share some thoughts.

On the bright side

There were 1000 participants! And the ticked price was 200PLN (approx 50 EUR). Compared to other conferences (including those listed above) this is nothing! I know a lot of wise people who would just not spend 300 EUR on a conference. BoilingFrogs open doors for all wise developers to join - I really appreciate that. Sessions were in polish so it was really easy for all to understand exactly what speakers wanted to share. Mix of developers - PHP, Java, python, .NET etc. It is possible to have the all in same room and listening to Andrzej Krzywda :) Love it!

On the dark side

Sessions were in polish - non-polish speakers would have problems with understanding. Some of the sessions where bit too technical. I would rather enjoy case-studies from large projects. Success stories and fuckups. What i missed is a panel discussion. Panel with experts is really something that can give extra value for participants.


Don’t calculate next year. Just buy the ticket!