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How to begin journey with BizTalk

Posted on:October 27, 2016 at 02:00 AM

Quite while ago I had the opportunity to start a project using BizTalk. In one sentence BizTalk is a stable integration platform providing message persistence, mappings, orchestrations and tooling. It’s of course not everything :) It has it’s pros and cons, but today I will share my thoughts on how to start with BizTalk. All information are based on my own experience developing BizTalk solutions for last 2 years.

This post may be updated with some new information.


To start working with any integration platform or distributed system you need to have quite good understanding about:

As you can see it’s a mix. All the listed items are those I had to deal with :)




For unit testing I use [BizUnit]. In addition I have a large set of integration tests written in C# using nUnit.

Getting help

Sometimes I was stuck… After few hours of pointless investigations I usually shifted the approach. Instead of checking code I used following places:


In summary I think that the skill set is the key thing to have. IDE, tools and routines are much easier to use when you have proper mindset in place. On the other site if you have already the sufficient skills you already know what tools you need in Microsoft ecosystem. That’s why this post maybe useful for you.