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BizTalk Health Monitor Tool

Posted on:November 6, 2018 at 01:00 AM

BizTalk as an enterprise platform has a lot of modules, components, adapters and other extensions. After developing solutions in BizTalk and maintaining it for a longer period the need for a maintenance tool is becoming important.

In one of the BizTalk projects we had in Gemotial I introduced a custom monitoring board for available for DevOps. A man-on-duty can easily open the board an sees an overview of the whole ecosystem. In case of emergency, a notification is sent on email etc.

This solution works perfectly on a high level.

Biztalk Health Monitor

Sometimes we run into more sophisticated issues. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a remedy for such cases. BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM) is a maintenance tool.

After starting the tool the following screen shows up. The user is prompted to Analize Now the local BizTalk instance.

The analysis takes a couple of minutes and the report is available on the left menu (marked on the screen with red border). As you can see the report’s dashboard is divided into various sections and perspectives (on top). This gives a good overview of the BizTalk server installation and peripherals.

Critical Warnings and Warnings presents a list of potential issues in your BizTalk installation. The list is built from rules that didn’t pass. You can adjust most of the rules to your need.

The tool is actively developed

I have been using BHM for a while now and after running it now I got the following screen:

So as you can see, the tool is actively maintained.


For those who program in BizTalk or maintain it, BizTalkHealthMonitor should be a must have tool.