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From Chaos To SOLID course on Udemy

Posted on:February 26, 2019 at 01:00 AM

This posts describes my online course available From chaos to SOLID.

The Idea

After several workshops on SOLID principles, something new started to appear. I’ve received very positive feedback about the workshop itself. People still remember it and are very enthusiastic about it. I’m glad to hear that it has leveraged their skills :). Sometimes much and sometimes a little less. Some of the participants wanted to re-attend the workshop to learn more based on what they have already learnt. This was the prime factor to an online course. Creating an online course goes hand-in-hand with what I cultivate at GEMOTIAL. Learning is the most important factor for employees. So having such a video course would be a handy way to distribute knowledge. And here it is!

Jump to my From CHAOS To SOLID on Udemy platform.

The Video Course

It took me over 20 hours to prepare the course. The preparation time was a critical part. First to make a plan and then stick to it :) The course is structured into 7 modules + intro and outro. Each principle is explained in details. First the theory behind it and then there is a practical part. I’m not a fun of producing hours of useless videos (like some others do) and I wanted to keep the course as essential as possible. In total there is almost 4h on videos - I hope the course participants will not get bored :)


It was my first time creating an online course. The preparation and execution went pretty well. No show-stoppers, no disaster. I have a short improvement list, but generally, I feel satisfied with the result :)

The course From CHAOS To SOLID is available on Udemy platform.