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From Chaos to SOLID workshop at PTI

Posted on:December 10, 2018 at 01:00 AM


I have organized my first free C# refactoring workshop. I called it From CHAOS to SOLID. The main idea of the workshop is to teach how the source code can be transformed in an easy way to be more maintainable and robust.

If you or your company are instered in From chaos to SOLID workshop at your place - feel free to contact me.

The participants will work on a provided code-base and improve it. As the workshop progresses more and more interesting patterns and techniques will be applied to the code - that is the main intention.

PTI (Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne Oddział Dolnośkąski) was the workshop organizer and Politechnika Wrocławska was the workshop host.


Before the workshop I have distributed a survey to the participants the have an overview of the group skills and their expectations. To my surprise, the group was bit diverse. For the question “how good are your C# knowledge/programming skills” I got the magnitude of responses starting with 2 and ending on 8. The workshop became a bit more challenging at that point.

Workshop day

The show-up rate for a free workshop was 100%! That was a big WOW for me :)

We started at 9:15 and finished b 16:15. There was a lunch break in the middle of the workshop.

The workshop went mostly according to plan.

One of the exercises could not be done due to lack of shared internet network - lesson learnt for the future.


The workshop will be extended with additional tasks.

I was happy that we reach the end with a good mood. Some of the participants want more :) To address that demand I will extend the workshop scope in the future.