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Geek Week Wro 4

Posted on:March 18, 2018 at 01:00 AM

GeekWeekWro will take place also this year!

For those who don’t know what is GeekWeekWro (GWW) let me explain it quickly. GWW is an event happening during a couple of days in Wroclaw (spoiler: this time 2 weeks). During that time local IT-related groups have their meetups in various places in the city. The main idea is to increase awareness of the groups in local society.

For the last 3 years, this event became so popular, that this year we decided to extend for another week. Last year’s closing conference was also an excellent idea - this year we will extend it too.

This year the event will take place from 9th till the 23rd of April. Stay tuned!


GWW team, as any other organization, evolves and changes. Last year, after GWW #3, we decided to make an open recruitment for future co-organizers. In the post-event survey, we asked if the person would be interested in co-organizing next edition of the event. From four positive responses, we were able to introduce one new co-organizer this year - Arnika. Next time we will do the same - this is how we work.

The secret ingredient is an intrinsic motivation of each team member. We all are eager to create a best IT initiative in Wroclaw in 2018.


Community events will take place in various places. That depends on an individual organization in each group. The full agenda is available on the website http://GeekWeekWro.pl

We have 29 groups participating in GWW this year. IT community is strong here. Strong as hell :)

Sponsors and Partners

This year we have a record number of 6 sponsors! One gold sponsor: Hicron. Two silver sponsors: SoftServe and EY GDE. Three bronze sponsors: Objectivity, Volvo and GlobalLogic.

There is also a number of partners: CeTA, PTI, EKA.NET


Surprisingly, this year, we didn’t have any major problems. There are always small issues to solve here and there, but generally, we are much more professional this year. The astonishing fact is that if I see something as a potential problem and share that with other co-organizers then somehow magically… other co-organizers come up with solutions.


As you can see, dear visitor, we are in a really good mood. At this point, I would like to invite you to join the event. Any group will welcome you with love and you will meet open-minded people at the conference. Cheers!