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GeekWeekWro #2

Posted on:April 17, 2016 at 02:00 AM

During my daily work I’m creating an integration system using Microsoft technologies like BizTalk. There is a lot of exciting challenges to meet :) System health monitoring, message archiving and modular structure are just some of them. Apart of that I’m involved in wrocnet.org. Last week our monthly meeting was a part of GeekWeekWro #2 - week of IT events in Wroclaw.


GeekWeekWro (GWW) is an initiative that combines many (hopefully all) IT groups in Wroclaw. When we, as groups, join forces we are stronger. This year I was one of the GWW organizers. In particular I was involved in WrocNET organization and hack4culture hackathon.

2 Edition

Here is the timeline:

As you can see a lot was happening last week :) I was attending events every evening except Thursday (I was already tired then :P)

Some pictures

hack4culture hackathon - organized by Unit4

TechSaturdays - startup geeks in Wroclaw

WrocNET - .NET in Wroclaw:)

Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 - with Tomasz Wiśniewski on stage (organized by Łukasz Gąsior)

Software Talks - organized by PGS

Wroclaw IT

This is why I love Wrocław :)