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MD Files And Why I Moved From WP

Posted on:September 20, 2018 at 02:00 AM

Blog On Wordpress And Other Silly Work

My blog always used Wordpress as the blog engine. I remember version 2.6. That was long time ago. During recent years the engine was actively developed by the community. Currently there is version 4.7.

On some stage adding new posts become problematic. The formatting options, breaking changes after engine updates or abandoned plugins became a nightmare. I just want to add a post! Pass a message. Come on, why it takes so much time!?

Another sample. Together with some friends, we have build netdevelopers.pl. The main idea was to build a place with resources for the polish net community. It worked. We started that just before .NET Core 1.0 release. There were NancyFx and Bootstrap frameworks used. The website was running under Mono (on CentOs Linux). The code was structured, with some tests and event issues on Github page.

On some stage, I realised that adding information was (and still is) so damn hard. The developer had to find correct JSON file, edit it correctly and push to Github. Finding the file was difficult. Come on, why it takes so much time!?

New Way Of Knowledge Building

Based on the examples above I understood that I tried to solve the wrong problem. In the first case, the monster grew and was hard to maintain. In the second we have to build a system according to the best development practices. The code was nice, but usage was damn complex.

Simplicity To The Rescue

I have heard the term don’t reinvent the wheel so many times, that I want to plug it in wherever possible.

Markdown syntax was there just waiting to be used. I tried it on my blog several times earlier, but unreliable plugins just kicked out my polite attempts very drastically.

This time I was prepared.

I noticed content-generated software gaining more traction. After some research, I found WYAM framework. Written in.NET, modular, actively maintained, well documented. It turned out to be good enough and simple to use. I decided to give it a try.


Markdown provides a sufficient set of functionalities to write posts, articles, etc. It’s used not only by programmers.

WYAM is also a mature framework.

That brings us to the situation with a limited set of options (due to WYAM framework), but the information is built in a structured way.

Additionally, content-generated websites are fast. Wordpress has tons of HTTP request. In modern - performance-oriented - Internet, this is unacceptable.

No more hassle…