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MVP Summit 2019 Summary

Posted on:March 24, 2019 at 01:00 AM

Last week I have attended the Microsoft MVP Summit event in Redmond, WA. I was there for the second time and don’t regret any moment :)


What impressed me at most at the summit was the presence and openness of Microsoft employees. I meet people (called PG - Product Group) developing Azure, AI, C# language, .NET Core, user tools like Calculator, NuGet, Visual Studio etc. Everybody was allowed to ask a (sometimes tough) question about a product. In my opinion, all the employees were credible and provided precise answers. The impression is that they know what they are doing.


Polish community had slightly smaller participants representation than in year earlier, but it was still large. Speaking with all those azure guys who organize e.g. Azure Day was very inspirational. They just organize their event and are not overwhelmed with the conference organizational issues. It was great to speak and share opinions/ideas/problems with such valuable people.

Technical news

Due to NDA, I’m not allowed to share too much here on the technical side of the future Microsoft plans. What I can say is that all that was presented to the participants goes hand-in-hand with what Microsoft employees share on their blogs.

Microsoft is going OSS more and more. Checking Micorsoft github can explain where are we going :)


Attending MVP Summit is always a great opportunity to meed truly uniques engineers. People with passion, motivation and extraordinary knowledge. True experts - is the best description. I’m looking forward to be there back next year.