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My Inspirational Giants

Posted on:July 26, 2019 at 02:00 AM

To get motivated I need inspiration. Studying about and having The Giants close to me is helpful. This post is about the inspiration I get from them.

Who is a Giant

When I was a child I wanted to be someone who creates something useful. I was experimenting with various things. Some of them were stupid or dangerous (e.g. I disassembled a tape recored and could not assemble it back :) ). I was really lucky in a few situations. My parents allowed me to do quite a lot. They trusted me.

After challenging myself (and some childhood friends too) it became obvious that I needed to follow someone. I needed an authority. Someone who can I admire and learn from. Unfortunately, in Poland, where I live, there are not that many authorities. At least not in IT and not after WW II. Because of that fact I had to seel for authoritier somewhere else…

The solution was really simple - I started reading. Industry books, magazines, academic papers and so on. Then I started to wonder how certain people came where they are. How they have achieved it? To answer that question I started to read biographies. Reading was (and still is) so inspirational for me. All the problems those people had and how they have handled them. That was so eye-opening. I needed to catch that moment. This is how My Giants Wall was created.

My Giants

Currently, my wall has 14 Giant people. Each of them did something unique. Some of you can notice that all of The Giants are technical people. They are technical artists for me :)

Inspiration from the Giants

The greatest inspiration I have from My Giants can be described by this quote: “Standing on the shoulders of giants”. If I lose motivation, don’t see the goal or the world is against me I go to my desk and take a look at the pictures. I do it for a few minutes and suddenly the magic happens. The motivation is back again.

Every time I feel lost, sad or hopeless, I take look at My Giants and ask myself: “What they would do?” I already know. Due to their passion, determination and enthusiasm, they were able to go by that kind of problems. They were too eager and selfish in following their goals that they didn’t have time to give themselves any excuses to stop. Goals and dreams had the highest priority.


Have authorities to whom you can refer somehow so that they can help you achieve your goals.