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.NET Developers Poland - rules

Posted on:June 24, 2014 at 02:00 AM

After a brief description in my previous post why .NET Developers Poland group was created now it is time to share some rules that every group member should respect.

Why there are rules?

In the beginning, I thought about keeping away from rules in any form, but it turned out that rules are necessary.

For example, a rule saying that when posting a link to your program you have to include a link to the source code. Why is this good? Because it provides greater value for the community! If your program is good group members would like to see how you did it. In addition, this rule will prevent spammers to post links to their corporate productions :)

I pretty sure that the rules will evaluate in the future.

Who is welcome?

The group is restricted to people who program in any language. I think that diversity is good and all members can benefit from it. Especially when it comes to situations where many different solutions can be applied to a problem.

Experienced and young software engineers are welcome. Every one has started one day. This is the place where a lot of hard looking questions for the beginners can be answered in minutes. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Recently a new trend in discussions in our group is on the top. Discussions about us - developers. More social subjects are touch. I didn’t expect this to happen, but it seems to be a natural way of evolution :)

Why no job offers?!

The simple answer is: because there is .NET Developers Poland Job Market… but… this group was created recently as an output of several discussions in the main group and as a result of chatting with people willing to post a job offer and rules are preventing that…

So, at the begging, I wanted to eliminate any kind of job offers because this does not bring us intellectual value. Those kinds of posts will only spam and interrupt. I want to see every post as a chunk of useful information that I can absorb.

But later on, I was more and more convincing myself to permit users posting job offers. Thankfully after one chat session, another - daugther - group was created. If you, dear reader, are a recruiter, feel free to post your job offer here. Please remember to include the salary range ;)