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SOLID for Adults session at WDI 2016

Posted on:March 24, 2016 at 01:00 AM

On Wednesday I’ve attended Warsaw IT Days (Warszawskie Dni Informatyki in polish). This time as a speaker :). It took me one year to jump back on stage :). I was giving a talk called “SOLID for Adults” as a part of DevTalk - Deep Dive track.

I’ll not describe all the details, but here is the link to the presentation so everybody can have a look at what is it about.

In summary: SOLID is good when applied but make use of Occam’s law (assume as less as possible and don’t multiply abstractions) and don’t overcomplicate things :)

Link to download https://github.com/pawelklimczyk/Presentations/blob/master/SOLID%20for%20Adults/2016/03/23%20Warszawa/SOLID%20for%20Adults%20-%20Pawel%20Klimczyk.pptx