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Thinking In Park?

Posted on:September 4, 2018 at 02:00 AM

Why there are parks in the cities? Why did city architects decide to keep those green islands?

Parks in the summertime just flourish. Threes, bushes and grass are green. Birds are singing. Smells are natural in all forms. The bigger the park the better the experience.

In Wrocław we have 44 parks!. Why there are so many?

Every Sunday morning I have a little ceremony. I take a walk to the park. I spend usually 1-2h there and then I go back home.

I can relax. I can think more deeply and precisely. My focus is uninterrupted now. Disconnected.

I’m in a zone. My brain works in diffuse mode. Theoretically disconnected pieces of information find a proper way to connect. Something new is created. New idea, new transformation, new tomorrow.

Time does not exist anymore. Just void. I’m cruising through nature. I don’t pay attention to external events happening. I notice people, dogs and birds, but they are somehow away. Somehow passive. I interact with myself.

It’s a little bit strange. I feel energized. My goals are cleaner now. I feel calm and peaceful.

I go back home. New me.