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Time Management Framework

Posted on:May 29, 2019 at 02:00 AM

Time - probably the only resource on the planed that we can get back. We have to choose what we spend our time on, with whom and on what.

There is a dozen of books about time management. Just to list a few:

I wrote also two little articles touching the problem of time management

Something was still missing…

I have read all of the books listed above. And you know what? I was still missing something. I had a feeling that the overall picture was incomplete. Finally, I came up with an idea of Time Management Framework. The framework a loop between 3 stages: Vision-Life-Mindfulness.

The Time Management Framework

Vision - is the place where you are dreaming about the bright future. A future where you are the way you want to be. Here you build up your intrinsic motivation. It improves your creativity, opens to new ideas and initiatives.

Life - is the actual work you perform every day. Multitasking, projects and so on. Here you create the plans of your dreams, divide them into tasks and try to finish tasks. Here you gain the life experience.

Mindfulness - is the area where you can look back and have a moment of self-awareness. What have you done right? What could you avoid? This place sharpers your life priorities and builds your determination.

The whole framework can be visualized with following graph:

I realized I was following that flow for a few years now. I did it automatically and unintentionally. Not a while ago I started to do it in a more structured and aware way. Let’s see what effects will it bring.