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Roslynator Command Line

In one of my previous posts i've introduced Roslynator

HTSMP - Version Management

This post is a part of How To Ship Maintainable Product series

BizTalk Health Monitor Tool

BizTalk as an enterprise platform has a lot of modules, components, adapters and other extensions. After developing solutions in BizTalk and maintaining it for a longer period the need for a maintenance tool is becoming important.

Roslynator Code Analysis

Roslynator is a collection of code analyzers, refactorings and code fixes. It is a Roslyn-based equivalent of FxCop. To some extend it is a replacement for Resharper from JetBrains. Of course R# is much more powerfull, bur Roslyntor is also getting more and more traction recently.

AssemblyVersion in .NET Core

In .NET Core the way you specify AssemblyInfo attributes has changed. .NET Core allows you to specify assembly attributes in .csproj. You can do that by adding following properties:

Jenkins and Parametrized Branch Names

In one of the projects we work at Gemotial it was pretty cumbersome to test feature branches locally. The changes very often could have an impact on MSSQL or Oracle backend. We thought it would be great if we cloud run the changes on our integration tests configuration in Jenkins. Then, use the tests results (a link to it) in merge-request description. That way we could ensure that new functionality does not break the software.